Feb 14

Gacha: Types of Japanese monetization mechanic

The name ‘gacha’ must be familiar to you from our recent post, where it was claimed as one of the 2017’ mobile gaming trends. Still little known in rest of the world, ‘gacha’ has been an essential part of f2p mobile games in Japan since 2011, and gained fame of a money-making machine that hunts ‘whale’ players better than anything else. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 14, 2017
Jan 31


Every last man shared his thoughts on what made the biggest buzz in 2016’ mobile gaming industry. The short summary of the past year as gaming experts saw it would fit in a nine-word mantra: Pokémon GO, Nintendo, Niantic, Clash Royale, PvP, VR & AR. ...
Posted by Renatus on January 31, 2017
Jan 10

Retention And Churn Rate: The Measure Of Entertainment

How can one measure entertainment of mobile app? Especially, when he is a developer who is blindly in love with his creation. At this point, the analytics steps in with its crucial metric showing how engaged your users are with an app -- the ‘retention rate’. From this value you’ll know the number of users who return to the app and remain active over a longer period. For those who deleted or simply stopped using an app there’s another metric called ‘churn rate’. Both are defined by a certain time frame (30 days, 60 days, etc.). ...
Posted by Renatus on January 10, 2017
Dec 28


What thing do people hate most of all about digital space, TV, web, games, etc.? Ads! Yes... and no. Over the last few years since introduction of the incentivized advertising into games the state of things changed radically, as rewarded video ads began to generate more revenue and convert more users than IAPs. ...
Posted by Renatus on December 28, 2016
Nov 24

DevGAMM Minsk 2016 Feedback, or Why Renatus Wanted This Gaming Conference to Last Forever

On November 10-11 the capital of Belarus hosted DevGAMM Minsk 2016, the biggest gaming industry event in Eastern Europe which gathered over 1,300 attendees this time. As DevGAMM Managing director Lerika Mallayeva confided in her Facebook post, the number would have been bigger if Minsk Marriott Hotel had room for more people. But quality and participants’ comfort are above all, so the tickets were sold out several days before the event. ...
Posted by Renatus on November 24, 2016
Nov 04

Tips for Visiting DevGAMM

DevGAMM is a large event dedicated to game development that takes place twice a year in Belarus and Russia. The conference offers two days of highly varied content and activities and is known for homelike cosy atmosphere. ...
Posted by Renatus on November 04, 2016
Apr 15

How to make a quality game video

We continue our series of "How to" articles. This time we will share our experience on creation of the so-called promotional videos or game trailers. ...
Posted by Renatus on April 15, 2016