Feb 28

Round-Up: Top Brand’s Games In Soft Launch

In the industry of games, soft launch is a release of your game to restricted localities ahead of the full launch. A sort of full-dress rehearsal before the opening night, that allows you to drive-test your new title: obtain major metrics, get feedback and do tweaks before releasing it to your target localities. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 28, 2017
Feb 14

Gacha: Types of Japanese monetization mechanic

The name ‘gacha’ must be familiar to you from our recent post, where it was claimed as one of the 2017’ mobile gaming trends. Still little known in rest of the world, ‘gacha’ has been an essential part of f2p mobile games in Japan since 2011, and gained fame of a money-making machine that hunts ‘whale’ players better than anything else. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 14, 2017