Aug 23

Renatus: Flashback to I Games-Expo 2013

For three August days, Kiev became mecca for all people engaged in game business. I Games-Expo 2013 held from August 16 to 18 was truly an exception from a well-known rule, proving that business can and must be mixed with pleasure. ...
Posted by Renatus on August 23, 2013
Aug 15

IGames-Expo 2013: Welcome to the Gaming epicentre!

Tomorrow, on August 16, the capital of Ukraine will see the opening of massive international event IGames-Expo 2013.From August 16 to 18, the core of gaming-related community will gather at International Computer Game and Electronic Entertainment Exhibition to discuss serious issues and have fun like never before. ...
Posted by Renatus on August 15, 2013
Aug 14

Renatus Visited MDDay in Odessa

Imagine bright sunlight, the Black Sea and ocean of mobile developers! They came there from all corners of Russia and Ukraine to share experience, boast of new ideas and ‘bite’ a piece of valuable information at Mobile Developer Day 2013.Dedicated to mobile applications development, the event featured many talented speakers. ...
Posted by Renatus on August 14, 2013